Digital Menu Board, “Visual Cuisine”
Commercial LCD panel, high brightness,
high saturation display
Play time >12H 
Store opening hours

Working life: ≥ 50,000 hours
The life cycle of 2,083 days working

Supports extended standby time 
Commercial panels and industrial materials are selected for the machine design

Horizontal, vertical or hoisting suits the personalized display of different stores
Multi-size and multi-series digital menu board
in stores are suitable
for various catering industry application scenarios
power-on automatically, default startup channel
There is no need to manually switch the menu, say goodbye to the TV startup screen, and free up manpower in stores
Dynamic joint screen diversified menu display
Multi-type stores include a variety of goods with different prices,
headquarters cloud makes easy management
New products | new product promotion
Dynamic call linkage, the menu moves randomly
Desktop desktop screen, Upgrade your store's image
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Moveable A-Frame Application scenario
Store brand visual upgrade, instant goods to attract more customers
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Store Sign Cloud
Six advantages of cloud platform applications
The first self-developed cloud platform in China, featuring a seamless service experience for a steward, has six major advantages to help you overcome traditional store problems, achieve digital marketing upgrades for stores, and enhance business space brand operation capabilities
  • Manage the devices online

    The management mode of cloud tour shop-Unified management of brand image, cloud platform "active service“
    Real-time monitoring of terminal status
  • Good management

    Well managed remote centralized management for thousands of stores,
    Cloud operation of millions of devices
  • Easy to operate

    Easy-to-operate intelligent release, timing, synchronization, and onscreen, different from store to store
    Publicity content
  • high efficiency

    Cost reduction and efficiency enhancement for multi-platform docking
  • More reliable

    Information security, avoiding brand crisis, public relations handling
  • Fun promotion

    Rich dynamic creative menu templates
Store Sign Cloud SaaS Cloud Service Package
software maintenance
SaaS: software maintenance
199 RMB/set
Software agency operation
OaaS: Agency operation
799 RMB/set
Rental package
Cloud Signage+
SaaS software services
2999 RMB/set
Rental package
Cloud Signage+
OaaS agent operation service
3599 RMB/set
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Industry application case
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