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Smart catering era is coming-Goodview digital signage eneters China's leading fast food chain brand 'UFF'


Smart catering era is coming!

With the fast improvement of consumption power, customers’ attention not only to the taste, but more on an elegant restaurant environment and intelligent service enjoyed.  

In order to provide customers with smarter and more convenient services, as well as a more modern and comfortable dining environment, create a strong visual temptation to enhance the customer experience. Goodview M49SAP 49-inch HD intelligent digital menu, relying on its superior functions and perfect after-sales service system, has successfully entered the famous Chinese fast-food chain brand UFF, and already covered more than 450 stores nationwide.

Meanwhile, Goodview is responsible for the whole restaurant's multimedia information system architecture and the design and installation of all the screens, which can display the brand's publicity video and advertisement, so that customers can feel the brand's information characteristics more intuitively.

Goodview Digital Signage Advantages

Smart and elegant

Aesthetics is the key attractiveness for customers. Smart digital menus allow for self-created content that is more engaging and flexible.

Strong interaction

Smart digital menus are more dynamic and fresh than static displays, creating more interactive experiences that effectively improve the consumer dining experience.

Remote training

Smart digital menus, easy access to the internet, can support remote training. Standardized training content simultaneously displayed in different stores, reducing the content loss caused by staff’s incomprehension.


Highly flexible and expandable interface

The intelligent digital menu provides a standard API data interface for flexible connection to real-time network information sources such as social networks, online media, databases, POS systems, and interactive applications.

Central management

The intelligent digital menu adopts the Internet architecture and is managed by the cloud server. Through the system authority distribution, the menus of different storefronts can be centrally managed by headquarter. 

Easy to use & maintain

The software system adopts the cloud architecture that needs no IT technicians, the marketer or store waiters can complete the menu editing, placing and management independently.

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