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TSUTAYA BOOKS is a chain bookstore brand affiliated to Japan's CCC (Cultural Convenience Club) Co., Ltd., and was once rated as "one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world" by the United States. 

TSUTAYA BOOKS is a pursuit of gathering space, scenery, people and functions

A place to enrich the mind

Create an aesthetic paradise and spiritual habitat 

The bookstore also has the color of an art gallery

Flexible space

To show the artist's work

In addition to books, music and movies 

A good bookstore with a complete range of cultural and creative surroundings

Bookstore adds dining and beauty space

When reading, have a more complex experience 

There are many kinds of goods like museums

But it’s not difficult to find the product you want

Goodview digital signage in the hall

Display a dazzling array of products

Provide customers with inquiry, payment and other services 

The book will match some products

Display the incense brand with Goodview digital signage

Exquisite handicraft works 

Cultural Propaganda Inside the TSUTAYA BOOKS

Adopting Goodview Digital Signage

Play bookstore brand story

Text/picture/dynamic video

Show a variety of styles

Comfortable with fashion trends

Bring the bookstore's visual enjoyment to its peak 

TSUTAYA BOOKS borrows music, movies and books

Create an energy base that conveys life style to today's young people

Use digital signage to bring readers a digital experience

Delivering the brand value of the bookstore

Build a lasting connection between consumers and brands 


When the TSUTAYA BOOKS brand proposed the store design plan, it considered using digital signage products with information release functions to replace traditional decoration plans such as poster light boxes and roll-up banners. After inspecting a number of commercial displays,  they chose to cooperate with Goodview, which has excellent product quality and solutions. 

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