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Goodview 丨With this interactive flat panel, it’s warm at work


"Cold Wave" opens with the main theme of "Sunny and Cold"

With the arrival of Single’s day

The first wave of cold air has arrived

The cold air from the north brings cooling down

The lowest temperature this week dropped to single digits 

In such cold weather, you have to finish watching this warm-hearted advertisement. Goodview Interactive Flat Panel remote video conference communication "0 distance", to solve the problem of cold weather business trip for you. 

For purchasing conference equipment, interactive flat panels are the first choice for individuals and businesses. So what are the advantages of interactive flat panels compared with traditional conference equipment? In terms of function, what is the difference between the interactive flat panel and other conference devices? 

There is a lot of information display, communication is inconvenient and requires a variety of equipment,

The meeting room is complicated and messy. 

Modern meeting room

Just one Goodview

Easily conduct smart meetings 

Compared with traditional conference equipment,

Goodview interactive flat panel has the following advantages: 


As all functions are integrated into a simple smart tablet, Goodview interactive flat panel is concise but not simple. Smart office, one machine in place. 

High efficient

When customers come to the company for a meeting, computers and mobile terminals can connect to the screen, show their ideas and creativity, and create high-end and efficient meetings. 


The Goodview smart conference tablet eliminates the need for projectors, transmission lines and other equipment, so the conference room will become more tidy and beautiful, creating a comfortable meeting environment for customers. 

Why are more companies using Goodview interactive flat panels?

Support screen writing

Quickly erase the back of the hand

Multiple people writing at the same time

PPT Page Turning Annotation 

Writing whiteboard, intelligence

The writing whiteboard is one of the practical functions of the smart conference tablet. It can completely replace the current electronic whiteboard and other conference tools, and the operation is more intelligent. The writing background can be switched according to personal preferences and actual scenes. There is no need to prepare ink pens and erasers. A touch of your finger is a writing pen, and a stick on the back of your hand is an eraser. The size and color of the writing strokes can be adjusted at will. The writing page can be zoomed in and out according to gesture commands, and pages can be added indefinitely. The written content can be saved locally as whiteboard, PDF, and pictures in three formats, and can be shared by QR code and taken away by scanning the code. Intelligent operation, simple and free, saving time and effort. 

Wireless projection, liberalization

Wireless projection technology provides a clearer and smoother projection experience, supports simultaneous connection of multiple devices and one-key switching. Whether it is the meeting content on the computer, the multimedia file on the pad or the game screen on the mobile phone, it can be put on the smart meeting tablet for interactive sharing, without all kinds of connections, free from the shackles of complicated lines, and free and smooth connection. 

Remote video, convenience

The smart conference tablet supports both Windows and Android systems, and can install major video conferencing software. It has a large ultra-clear 4K LCD screen with delicate texture and clear picture quality. With a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees, the viewing distance is greatly extended compared with traditional video equipment. Whether it is viewed from a distance or close up, the screen content is clearly visible. In the remote meeting mode, the screen is shared in real time in different places, and the whiteboard function supports two-way graffiti operation, multi-party discussion and real-time interaction, vivid and lifelike like living in the same room, simple and convenient, bid farewell to remote business trips, save time and worry. 


Goodview conference tablets can be widely used in various industries such as business office, finance, medical care, education and training. 

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