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【Open, Cooperation, Win-Win】——2019 Goodview National Agent Conference was Held in Shanghai!


On June 21, 2019, Goodview national agent conference was held in shanghai, the channel department director Yan Wuchang, together with Goodview management team, held a deep discussion with agents about Goodview 2019 strategy, brand positioning and the second half year plan, aiming to reach a mutual understanding and to lay a solid foundation for the win-win achievements.

1|Agent Authorization Ceremony 




                                                          Till now, Goodview agents has spread to 10 provinces, including Beijing, Shandong, Liaoning, Shanxi, Hebei, Sichuan, Jiangxi,Hubei, Xinjiang, and Shanxi.

2|Exhibition Hall Visiting 


3|Company Introduction

At the beginning of the conference, Li Liang, assistant to the general manager and director of the marketing department, first introduced the company profile, the development history, current situation and the product planning, clearly clarified products promotion plan and R&D layout, disclosing the new business opportunities to agents.

Afterwards, Yan wuchang, director of the channel department, further clarified the responsibilities of agents and the key tasks in the following half year. He also stressed that the agency system will be constantly improved through full cooperation, hoping a rapid and stable development can be reached in the near future.

4| General Manager Speech

General Manger Mr. Wang made a speech of the supports that Goodview will provide to agents in the following four aspects. 

First of all, after more than 10 years of industry experience, with a good enterprise spirit and continuous technological innovation, Goodview has created many outstanding products and developed advanced digital signage product lines.

Though facing with the increasing fierce competition, Goodview has been the No.1 seller of digital signage over the last 10 consecutive years, and the global shipment ranked 3rd in 2018 with the total sets reached to over 100millions second only to Samsung, LG. Goodview is the leading brand in digital signage industry and is widely recognized by domestic and global partners.

Goodview has a core R&D team and a complete production quality management system. Relay on the strength on supply chain, production, QA and R&D, the whole team has equipped with million shipments capability, which is unsurpassed in digital signage industry. 

Goodview promised to support 20,000 RMB per month to each agent in exploring the local market and bear half of marketing expense, including but not limited to industry exhibition, forums, and etc. At the same time, Goodview will open permission of official website, 400 hotlines to agents in supporting local channel construction. 

In addition, Goodview has more than 3,000 after-sales service outlets nationwide and through over ten years cooperation, the outlets nowadays are able to provide 24 hours on-site professional maintenance which can largely relieve the service pressure facing by the agents. 

5|Product Introduction


Ultra-thin Double sided Digital Signage

Product Features 


✔Support double screen display

✔High brightnesss (SideA) 450cd/㎡,(Side B) 800cd/㎡

✔ Spliy screen display

✔ USB playback


Financial Institutes, Shopping malls, Company, Administrative  Agency,Communication Industry, and etc


Digital Signage

Product features 

 LG original IPS commercial panel


✔ 7*24 operation

✔ Remote video&audio distribution

✔ Android system


Fast food chain, Shopping mall, Transportation, Commercial chain, Financial institutes


                            Interactive Flat Panel


Product features 

IR touch

✔Wireless pass, no wires 

✔ Phone, computer, laptop transmission

✔ Writing, annotation, screenshot, code-scan saving 

Built-in OPS computer


Education, Office building, Remote training, Medical consultation,                                   Multifunctional meeting hall 

OLED Display


3mm ultra-thin all-in-one body

flexible, multi-curvature optional

✔ support horizontal and vertical bending

Self-lighting, thinner and brighter

✔ surface flexible tech,wider vision


Exhibition hall,Company hall, Library,Shopping mall 


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