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Digital free standing kiosk L55H9 Digital free standing kiosk L55H9
Smart office platform
Interactive flat panel MG Series

Ultra-thin body, powerful configuration,
flexible touchwriting experience, and more cost-effective display,
interaction, and writing solutions.

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    Video conference

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    True 4K display

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    Android 9.0

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    Ultra-narrow bezel design

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    WIFI Dual-band WIFI

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    Wireless projection

  • Digital free standing kiosk L55H9

    Touch writing

4K IPS screen, master of capturing details

IPS commercial panel supports 4K ultra-clear picture and video playback; AG anti-glare processing, even if the light is strong, the image is still wonderful and vivid, and the text is still clear and sharp.

  • Anti-glare
  • IPS hard screen
  • 14.Anti-fingerprint
4+16G mass storage, enjoyable experience

Large-capacity memory breaks through industry norms, quick response to application switching, and free storage of massive conference documents.

20-point touch
Watch the 3D view smoothly

It supports 20-point touch control, with fast sensing.
When displaying the 3D view, it can be rotated and displayed by touch, and the key points can be annotated with a pen for easy explanation.

  • 20-point

    simultaneous touch
  • 15 millisecond

    response speed
  • ±1mm

    touch accuracy
  • 3D

24.Four-party projection and multi-screen interaction,
to inspire wonderful solutions

0.09S ultra-fast screen transfer, supports 4 simultaneous screen projections, realizes content sharing between multiple devices, multi-screen switching, reverse control, touch return and other functions, opening a new mode of efficient and convenient corporate meetings.

  • 4 parties

    Simultaneous projection of
  • 0.09S*

    *transmission speed
  • Dual-band WiFi

    stable projection
Projection without network

What can I do if the Internet is suddenly disconnected or the Internet is not good? The local area network that comes with the interactive flat panel can be used for screen projection/offline without any network.

Unlock the big screen,
multiplayer can use

Many people write at the same time, high-efficiency equipment for meetings, wonderful content can be taken away by one-click scan code, or saved locally, so you are not afraid of missing key points and replays.

33.Live sound banquet

The high, medium and low three-dimensional stereo sound is more transparent, and the front high-power dual speakers, whether you are watching a game, playing games or playing music during a birthday party, can make you immersed in the surround sound field. Watching the movie is like being on the scene, and listening to music from all directions.

Ultra-narrow frame design,
35.ingenuity and aesthetics, completely natural

Ultra-thin body, powerful configuration, flexible touch writing experience, and more cost-effective display, interaction, and writing solutions.

12mm The narrowest part of the frame is 12mm
Exclusive conference system for easy operation of office documents

The Android application can demonstrate and edit office files. The Gooddview interactive flat panel continuously upgrades the meeting scene for the user experience. More application software can be downloaded. The smooth experience like a large tablet makes it easy to get started!

40.Rich interfaces, powerful functions, wide range of uses

The interface is rich, easy to realize the fast mutual transmission between the video, audio, USB and other signals of the mobile phone, tablet, computer and the interactive flat panel, eliminating the need for multi-line connection, two-way interaction, easy and convenient.

Installation method


The Goodview interactive flat panel with 4K display, combined with conference display board, conference reservation system, and other conference equipment form a complete conference transformation plan. It is widely used in various industries such as commerce, medical treatment, finance, manufacturing, education, training and so on.
  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Medical viewing

  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Industrial design

  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Financial industry

  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Party and government agencies

  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Enterprise units

  • 会议平板电容系列 GM65C1

    Education system


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