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Goodview interactive flat panel H series

  • HD camera video

  • 4K ultra-clear display

  • Six array microphones

  • Front Type-C

  • Scan code to share

  • One-click quick transfer

  • Wireless projection

  • Smart writing

9 major functional advantages

Integrated metal design, simple and stylish appearance. One machine with multiple functions, the pursuit of excellent performance, to help you easily cope with complicated meetings.

Goodview 会议平板敏畅版
  • Projector

  • Monitor

  • Touch screen

  • Whiteboard

  • Drawing board

  • Television

  • Computer

  • Remote video conference

Built-in Mindlinker video conference software

Mindlinker's new remote conference system supports up to 500 parties at the same time, and can schedule a meeting quickly. The 1200W camera, and supports HDR, can be automatically adjusted according to the meeting room lighting, bringing an immersive video conference experience, writing synchronization, and real-time control of the remote communication feedback from the other end.

Support 500 parties to meet at the same timecommunicate in different places at any time

1200W HD camera, capture every frame of detail

Built-in 12 million, HDR high-definition camera ultra-wide angle, face recognition automatically capture the sound source.

Smart face trackingWriting synchronizationScreen sharing

8 meters long distance pickup, retstore the lossless call experience

6 array microphones, 8 meters long-distance pickup, 60Hz~20KHz wide frequency range, clear treble, deep bass, whether it is whispering in the corner or speaking in front of the screen, it can accurately capture the human voice; it can also be equipped with 2.1 channels to create a rich stereo source.

6 array microphoneSound source localizationAutomatic gain2.1 channel stereo

Wireless projection,
multi-screen interaction

0.09S ultra-fast screen transfer,
support 4 parties to cast screens at the same time,
realize content sharing between multiple devices, multi-screen switching,
reverse control, touch return and other functions.

0.09S fast screen transferFour-screen display

Upgraded whiteboard function, opening a new era of smart meetings

Easily open PPT/WORD/video, full-screen video playback, arbitrary screenshots, smart gesture recognition, smart forms and other user-friendly designs, unlimited space, arbitrary comments. Meetings have never been so easy.

New functions are upgraded, faster, more convenient, and more free to collaborate

  • Quick response

    High-precision touch | High-speed response

  • Extended space

    Free zoom | Gesture operation

  • Easy to scan code

    Scan code and take away | Simple and convenient

Restore the real
handwriting accurately

wo-color pen writing, you can change the writing colors of the two pen
tips, free to open the pen tip or without the pen tip,
create a perfect original handwriting, gesture erasing, wireless.

  • Flexible writing
  • Record comments
  • Page turning function
  • Zoom in and out
  • Mobile roaming
  • Gesture erase

共享桌面 实时互动


4K screen, both dynamic and static

The real 4K ultra-high-definition large screen, simple and ultra-narrow frame design, presents you with more ideal color depth, texture and more realistic pictures

  • Fit and no parallax
  • anti-glare
  • 90%NTSC high color gamut

4K screen, both dynamic and static

The real 4K ultra-high-definition large screen, simple and ultra-narrow frame design, presents you with more ideal color depth, texture and more realistic pictures

Fit and no parallaxanti-glare90%NTSC high color gamut

Android 9.0 / Wtindows 10 optional
Support third-party application download

Android 9.0 / Windows 10 optional

More interfaces and have unlimited possibilities

Refer to the Type-c interface form to quickly transfer the video, audio, USB and other signals of mobile phones, tablets, computers and the interactive flat panel to each other, eliminating the need for multi-line connections, two-way interaction, easy and convenient;

Peripheral accessories


Goodview interactive flat panel L series is widely used in business, finance, medical, production, education and other industries.



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