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Goodview | "Double Crown" in the Digital Signage Industry


Recently, according to the "Global IFPD Market Research Report 2021Q3 DISCIEN" of the authoritative data agency Dixian Consulting, after the epidemic, the demand of various industries has recovered, and the share of TOP industry media and commercial retail and the scale of shipments have increased.


With the acceleration of the digital transformation of society, the penetration rate of digital signage advertising machines in public spaces such as elevators, service windows, and corporate buildings has continued to increase, and has gradually become a medium to replace paper-based communication. Nowadays, epidemic prevention and control has become the norm, and the economy of all walks of life is growing steadily. Due to the limited competition in the market, the demand for digital signage advertising players in all walks of life has also increased .


From the data, it can also be found that Goodview, which has been the top sales of advertising machines in the country for twelve consecutive years, once again delivered a dazzling report card in Q3 this year. Sales volume and sales accounted for the "double crown" and continue to lead the digital signage advertising machine industry.


Among them, sales volume accounted for 27.5%, exceeding the sum of the second to ninth brands; sales also ranked first, reaching 18.4%, exceeding the sum of the second, third, fourth, and fifth brands


Different from the interactive flat panel market, digital signage advertising machines are mainly installed in public spaces, aiming to help digital stores exceed time constraints and establish a good relationship with consumers through gradual information provision, so as to carry out effective advertising and occupy market share.


Leading the digital signage industry market requires not only excellent technical strength, but also the after-sales service of each smart store. It also needs to take the broad consumer group as the core, cater to the preferences of customers, and carry out effective information transmission to create a high level for stores. The conversion rate has also increased the market share of Goodview digital signage advertising players.


So how has Goodview become the number oneof the digital signage advertising player market time and time again?


Insight into demand, technological innovation raises barriers to competition for enterprises


In the real world, it has become increasingly difficult to attract people to shop for consumption. The digital signage advertising machine produced by Goodview will integrate online and offline to help create a "new retail" industry. In the current digital marketing industry has entered the two-round era of "incremental customer acquisition" and "live customers", Goodview has been thinking about how to use digital screens to help various industries tap the value of stock and continue to attract new traffic.


Obviously, the most important thing to attract traffic is to gain insight into the unmet needs of consumers, stand from the user's perspective, and use this to continuously innovate technology, increase competition barriers in the industry, and even build brand benchmarks and implement industry technology.


Goodview, who is well versed in this way, uses such a concept to perfection. In the era of eyeball economy, consumers are easily attracted by bright and clear or unique and atmospheric screens. Therefore, the high-bright display digital screen designed by Goodview can be clearly displayed even in strong light or dark environment, and the designed curved surface stitching The screen is perfectly integrated into the environment with a bendable and bright design, and the wide viewing angle meets the visual enjoyment of consumers.



Of course, in order to achieve shocking visual effects to attract consumers, Goodview splicing screen series creates a beautiful visual feast in the way of multi-screen linkage.


Because today’s consumers are willing to interact, the traditional one-way information-transmitting advertising machine digital signage can’t identify the user’s behavior or instructions. The process of consumers interacting with digital signage is very mechanical, and the single function makes the interestingness not reflected. Therefore, Goodview has investigated thousands of user consumption scenarios and designed interactive game functions so that users can interact with the screen to satisfy consumers' sense of participation and acquisition.


As an important medium of communication with consumers, digital signage is a low-cost and user-friendly promotion method for various industries. In order to revitalize the huge user inventory of various industries and activate new user traffic pools, the intelligent GTV multimedia information publishing system supports multiple Station synchronization and remote publishing and management.


Attentive service, perfect after-sales service, build a perfect system


Although Goodview has been the king of digital signage advertising players for many years since entering the industry, Goodview understands the fiercely competitive digital signage market, in addition to meeting the individual needs of consumers in various industries and carrying out technological innovations, But it is also very important to build a complete service system for advertisers.


Different from ordinary consumer materials, digital signage advertising machines are durable goods with a long service life. Whether the product can respond in a timely manner and quickly solve a product failure is an important consideration for improving advertisers’ satisfaction. However, the test of the enterprise's after-sales service system is extremely great.



The first is the accessibility of personnel and product materials. It is reported that from the very beginning of its birth, Goodview has begun to deploy a national after-sales service network system, from providing users with the entire process of pre-sales service consultation, delivery, installation, training, and maintenance. Starting from the start, there are more than 3,000 after-sales service outlets nationwide, covering many cities across the country, 7*24 hours service, and bringing more high-quality and efficient service experience to more users.



As the soul of Goodview’s future development, Goodview knows that just such a service is not enough to provide a smooth and thoughtful after-sales experience. In order to ensure that every advertiser can enjoy high standards of service, Goodview implements customized solutions for each advertiser to help achieve the marketing effect of "Thousands of People".


"Inner loop" and "segmented areas" will become the growth engine of Goodview


The sudden COVID-19 has greatly reduced orders for digital signage advertising machine projects. Fortunately, with the gradual normalization of COVID-19 prevention and control, and due to the national "internal loop" policy guidance, the offline consumer industry continues to pick up. Digital signage advertising players usher in a rebound in the third quarter of 2021. In addition, as the "new infrastructure" is gradually implemented, digital upgrades such as smart retail will increase the demand for digital signage advertising. In the future, Goodview will make efforts in various segments of commercial display and empower it with smart digital cloud signage new retail, constantly innovating new application scenarios for smart retail, and empowering more industry scenario solutions. 

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