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What is the "talking" conference doorplate? It seems to be very hot now!



Have you ever encountered such embarrassment when booking and using a meeting room?

The reservation status of the conference room cannot be displayed visually, and it is often temporarily occupied;

Temporary meetings can only find free meeting rooms one by one, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive;

The lack of conference room information causes time conflicts or waste of vacant conference rooms.


what to do?

All you need is a Goodview conference doorplate


1280*800 high-definition screen, original picture-level viewing quality

Using original industrial-grade IPS commercial hard screen,

Restore the true colors and bring a comfortable visual experience


Anti-glare display technology

Using professional anti-glare treatment,

Effectively reduce reflections and glare,

Each pixel can present a realistic and delicate texture,

The display is clearer.

Pure glass plane,

Super smooth configuration,

Make the appearance show the beauty of craftsmanship.


Minimalist design shows modern corporate style

Using open mold design,

10.1 inch large screen with wear-resistant ABS plastic body,

The overall shape highlights a simple, atmospheric, and steady business style.

Stable structure, good heat dissipation,

Highlight the modern corporate style.


Rich application port configuration


Rich interfaces to meet various application requirements.


Android system, powerful performance and more outstanding experience

Android 7.1 system,

Large storage configuration

Support 2.4GHz wireless network connection,

The operation does not freeze, high-definition smooth playback.


The meeting information is clear at a glance,

Real-time update reminder/anti-disturbance

With Goodview conference reservation system,

Goodview meeting doorplate can synchronize meeting room reservation information in time,

Real-time presentation of various states of the meeting room being idle and in use,

It is convenient for personnel to quickly understand the appointment person, holding time,

The length of the meeting and other meeting arrangements,

Reduce the interruption of irrelevant personnel pushing the door,

Ensure the smooth progress of the meeting.



Cloud interconnection to schedule meetings anytime

The initiator of the meeting through the Goodview cloud meeting reservation system

Schedule the meeting time and place,

Support e-mail, SMS and other messages to notify participants;

Employees can also use the platform,

Quickly understand the usage of each meeting room.

A meeting room reservation screen is installed at the entrance of the meeting room,

Realize early reservation, early end, meeting extension,

Operating functions such as idle display,

Help employees reduce communication costs.



The Goodview meeting room doorplate is a new generation of intelligent products based on the network.

Replace the original house numbers of various materials for electronic management.

Mainly used in scenarios such as enterprises, buildings, campuses, factories, conference rooms, etc. 

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