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There is a kind of wisdom called Goodview LED wireless conference large screen



Goodview LED wireless conference large screen is also called small-pitch LED, which is the collective name for a whole set of systems, including LED display system, high-definition display control system, and heat dissipation system. As the name suggests, the characteristics of small-pitch LEDs are the small dot pitch of the screen and the high resolution per unit area. It can display higher-definition images, and can -seamless and arbitrarily large-area stitching in image stitching.


As a leading manufacturer in the industry, GOODVIEW has deepened its main business and used its years of research foundation and technical advantages in the field of conference tablets. It was the first in the industry to launch an integrated LED wireless conference large screen. It is committed to creating an industry-leading integrated LED application solution for customers.


What are the advantages of the Goodview LED wireless conference large screen?

High-precision seamless stitching

High-precision seamless stitching, low-brightness and high-gray design, brightness free adjustment. Realistic color reproduction brings high-definition, jitter-free images, and accurately displays data and icon information.


Wireless screen transmission to meet the needs of larger conference display

Connecting external devices to wirelessly transmit the screen to meet the display needs of larger conferences or teaching scenes, and realize multi-function applications such as remote video conferences, split-screen display, and teaching instructions.


All-in-one lightweight design

It integrates modular cabinet, power supply system and control system, supports wall hanging and rack hanging, and effectively saves space. With status indicator light and visual menu bar, you can quickly get started using it without professional technicians. Built-in Android system to meet more functions.


Giant screen high-definition display, presenting a shocking visual feast

Using standard resolution and display ratio, static and high dynamic images are presented in a fine, non-destructive, natural and uniform manner. Low brightness and high gray, brightness and color temperature can be adjusted flexibly, and the color of the picture can be accurately restored under different light environments.


Ultra-wide viewing angle Ultra-large viewing area

160° super wide viewing angle, 2-30 meters viewing distance. Taking into account the viewing needs of participants on both sides and behind, creating a comfortable viewing experience and attracting participants to concentrate.



Tax hall

As an intelligent terminal display product, LED wireless conference large screens are widely used in various government agencies' security monitoring, exhibitions, and government propaganda scenes. Its delicate and clear picture display, ultra-wide viewing angle and high-end and atmospheric business appearance not only improve the overall environment of the tax hall, but also provide a beautiful carrier for the promotion of the tax hall policy.


Exhibition halls and meeting rooms of enterprises and institutions

With the continuous development of science and technology, the visualization requirements of major enterprises and institutions have also changed, and large conference screens have been deployed to replace traditional projectors, LCD/PDP video walls, and realize one-key projection, remote conferences, interactive operations, etc. Function to meet the information presentation needs of enterprises, schools and educational institutions, create a good corporate environment, and improve work efficiency.


Studio, dispatch room

With the development of informatization and intelligent technology, high-end application fields such as studios, dispatching rooms, and meteorological centers that require high color performance continue to increase their visualization investment, which can not only enhance the high-end image of the studio, but also give the audience an immersive enjoyable experience. 

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