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Founded in 2015, the company's name is taken from Weltmeister, which is an emerging provider of new energy vehicle products and travel solutions in China. Since its inception, WELTMEISTER has formulated a "three-step" strategy to become a popularizer of smart electric vehicles; to become a data-driven smart hardware company; and to grow into a service provider of a new ecology of smart travel. 

Whether from brand elements or brand concepts, WELTMEISTER builds around the element of "fearlessness", conveying a beautiful, optimistic, and straightforward life posture and philosophy of life. 

After inspecting WELTMEISTER's store layout on the spot, Goodview took into account the unique technological tone that its brand wanted to convey, and tailored a set of commercial display solutions for it, named "Dome". 

The plan is to connect 16 pieces of 55-inch splicing screens (model: PD55YS11) to form a circle of giant smart ring screens, which are hoisted in a conspicuous position in the exhibition hall, and the WELTMEISTER main cart type is placed under the "dome" to create a vast and profound technological and cool scene, attracting the attention of potential customers, enhancing the brand style and enhancing the audience's awareness! This plan also won the recognition of the WELTMEISTER brand, and it was immediately approved. 

Solution value

The main body uses 8 screens as one content to play,

The 16 screens are divided into 2 groups, and the video material is played smoothly at the same time.

The resolution after stitching can reach 15360*1080,

Brightness is 500cd/, creating shocking and rich visual effects. 

178 degrees invincible and wide field of vision,

Self-luminous, high brightness, lighter and thinner design, lower energy consumption.

15000:1 high contrast, 8.3 million independent light control pixels

Provide accurate and stable color reproduction,

Enjoy a stunning visual experience. 

In addition, the more difficult part of the whole project lies in the installation of custom lifting brackets. In order to ensure the flatness of the screen and the uniformity of the seams, the installation team of Goodview adopts aluminum alloy materials that are light and convenient to install, which can ensure high stability and toughness. 

The ring bracket has a diameter of about 6.1 meters, no less than 8 hoisting points, and beautiful appearance, and maintains a highly integrated visual effect with the aluminum profile hoisting rack. 

Each of the 16 ring-shaped smart screens weighs about 40kg, and the total weight reaches 640kg! Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the load, the installation team of Goodview needs to hoist to a height of 6-8 meters on site, and ensure that the strength of the pylon can withstand the weight of the screen for a long time without sinking, etc., fully verifying the professionalism of its service! 

The smart screen scene of the 4S shop with a sense of science and technology created by the Goodview team for WELTMEISTER has set a unique benchmark in the automotive industry and opened a new chapter in the creation of a sense of technology and digital scenes in the 4S shop! More and more brands are gradually realizing the important role that display screens play in business. It is not only a carrier of information transmission, but also an indispensable media bridge in interactive behavior, scene construction, and marketing promotion! 

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