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Singles’ Day is coming | How to sell in offline clothing stores?


With the advent of Singles’ Day, online clothing purchases have become a boom among young people. However, bubbles have also accumulated under the appearance of lively e-commerce. Since you can't see the actual product, when the received product does not meet your expectations, there will be a return. According to NetEase reports, in terms of return rate, clothing category has the highest return rate, and the return rate of non-brand-name clothing is even as high as 70%. 

With the "high return rate" of online stores, physical clothing stores have become people's choice. Apparel brands are paying attention to physical stores, and they have played an "online + offline" combination. How can offline physical clothing stores seize good sales opportunities and provide customers with a better shopping experience? 

As a high-end fashion brand, MLB is a leader in street culture and international lifestyle. In order to create a high-end, fashionable and comfortable store image for customers, MLB has made more innovative and interesting attempts.

In all the brand promotion areas in the store, the traditional light box and TV display formats are abandoned, and the digital presentation method of Goodview's professional-grade cloud digital signage is used as the brand's promotion window.

In terms of partner selection, MLB needs strong support from after-sales service capabilities and puts forward higher requirements for product stability and image quality. In the end, they chose Goodview.

In addition to professional-grade cloud digital signage products, Goodview provides a unified information release platform for MLB, allowing centralized and unified management of the promotional content of all stores. It guarantees a high degree of consistency in the quality of market activities, provides customers with a fashionable and intelligent consumption experience, improves the image of the store, and helps to upgrade the brand. 

CHUU, a popular Korean fashion brand in Xiaohongshu and popular circle of friends, has recently cooperated with Goodview. While continuing the creative design of the brand store space, Goodview products are used to create a more fashionable and smart shopping experience for customers.

Goodview digital signage supports regular broadcast of promotional content, 700cd/high brightness presentation, 5000:1 high contrast ratio, clear screen images and brilliant colors.

With dark green as the main tone, a variety of popular colors are matched with each other, the intelligent display device is very fashionable, and it brings a different kind of visual impact to consumers. 

C&A, a well-known European fashion retail brand, is well-known for providing fashionable, novel, up-to-date and inexpensive fashion and accessories.

In order to cater to customers' preferences and attract personalized consumers, C&A uses Goodview products as a tool for brand promotion. Automatically switch different advertising content at regular intervals to achieve precision marketing and promotion.

The screen restores the true colors under different light, to meet the color restoration needs of different industries. Goodview has helped C&A become a brand favored by mainstream fashionistas around the world. 

Clothing industry solutions

Goodview's new retail cloud platform provides integrated solutions. Door drainage screen-cloud shelf-distribution screen-write-off screen-call number screen to help upgrade apparel brands and improve operational efficiency. 

01 Product bar screen

With digital on the main products, the products become the "exclusive performance" of the screen, creating a unique charm for the category. The goods in the store can be played regularly to accurately convey information to customers. 

02 Capacitive touch screen

By using Goodview smart cloud shelf, customers can interact with each other through the product categories displayed on the screen. "Choose a product-add to the shopping cart-pay and place an order" is convenient and fast, opening up a new smart experience. 

03 Cabinet bar screen

As the bar screen of the electronic price tag, product information is displayed dynamically in real time, with vivid images and rich colors. The broadcast program supports remote management and release, and the operation is flexible and convenient. 

04Verification screen

After receiving customer orders in the background, the products will be written off based on the product information to avoid wrong orders and miss orders, and to ensure the normal operation of the products in the store. 

05Distribution screen

The customer selects the product to successfully place an order, and the customer order is received in the background, and the product will be distributed according to the product information. Reduce the time cost of communicating with customers. 

06Call number screen

After the merchandise is packaged, the screen will display the call number information. Save customers waiting time in queuing and improve customers' favorability of the store.


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