Goodview highlights screens to enable digital "new infrastructure"

With the popularity of new energy vehicles, the construction of charging piles has become an important part of new infrastructure. In the construction of charging pile, the application of commercial display has attracted more and more attention. Due to the late development of the charging pile industry and the relatively simple business model, the deployment scale and speed of charging piles and charging stations have become the main factors affecting the development of new energy vehicles. Therefore, charging stations began to use digital screens as the carrier to explore the model of smart charging piles + value-added services to enhance brand image and user experience.


Recently, a new energy vehicle brand adopted Goodview high-light screen to digitally upgrade the charging station, which not only improves the utilization rate of charging piles, but also brings better user experience. Xiansee high highlight screen adopts original IPS commercial screen, 4K ultra HD display, clear picture quality, full color; Screen brightness up to 3500cd/㎡, high contrast 5000:1, restore true color; 178 degrees wide viewing Angle, viewing Angle is wider; Support high temperature work, not afraid of direct sunlight.


01 Convenient and efficient, improve user experience

In the charging station, the digital screen is used to display the positioning information of the charging pile, which is convenient for users to find and select the charging pile. During the charging process, the screen can display charging information, such as charging progress and remaining time, electricity price and billing information, etc., to help users make reasonable decisions and reduce users' waiting anxiety. In addition, the payment system is installed on the commercial display device to provide a convenient payment method and save users' time. When the poster is played, the screen displays an appointment charging or information feedback window, which enhances the interaction with the user and is conducive to understanding customer needs and satisfaction. The high-light screen can also display weather forecast, traffic information, news and other information to provide users with more comprehensive information services.


02 Intelligent management, safe operation and maintenance

Charging piles are distributed in a wide range and in large quantity. At this stage, equipment failures, software upgrades, communication configurations, and equipment restarts all require experienced personnel to maintain them. On the other hand, the utilization rate of charging piles is low, the failure of charging modules, poor communication reliability, and abnormal platform operation will lead to offline charging piles.


Xianshi "store sign cloud" is a digital screen management system independently developed to provide remote control and content services for charging pile display terminals. Store sign cloud software built-in rich templates, program production is simple and efficient. Xianxu high-light screen supports joint screen and split-screen playback, providing diversified display for brand promotion of new energy automobile industry. Store signage cloud background data Kanban can monitor the status of equipment in real time, which is conducive to the regular maintenance and upgrade of charging piles.

Store signage cloud background digital operation, to achieve easy management of multiple charging station display equipment. For equipment anomaly control, support "cloud tour store" anomaly monitoring function, operators can remotely view the site display terminal status, to find problems in time to send repair.


Xianshi "store sign cloud" system through the national information system security level protection certification. In terms of information security, digital automatic identification can be achieved, data flow can be continuously monitored, and security incidents can be reviewed and traced to protect the security of information release.


03 Promote sustainable development and enable green charging

Charging piles have gradually become a key engine to promote green life. According to the relevant report, more than 70% of users support the use of renewable energy for charging, which means that green charging will become the mainstream choice for electric vehicle users in the future. The advantages of environmental protection, energy saving and use of charging piles can be presented on the digital screen to improve users' environmental awareness. Goodview high-light screen enables green charging and promotes green and low-carbon development.

The application of the high-light screen can improve the efficiency of the charging pile, provide users with a better digital experience, and also provide a platform for advertising, bringing more benefits to the operators of the charging pile. Xianshi belongs to the vision Source Group, is a commercial display overall solution provider, management of digital screen 1000000+ units, 5000+ service outlets across the country, with 17 years of commercial display service experience. In the future, Xianshi will continue to deepen the field of commercial display, bringing more convenience and development opportunities for the construction of charging piles.

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