For the commercial display industry to unlock new possibilities, Xianxu bright screen to lead the new trend of the market

In today's consumer-dominated market, all walks of life are facing unprecedented challenges in attracting customers. Store display screen, that is, window advertising machine is becoming an important tool for enterprises to attract customers and enhance brand image. With the advantages of high-definition digitalization, the high-light screen has become a featured platform to attract the target audience in a short time, helping businesses to achieve store image upgrading and digital transformation. As a leader in the commercial display industry, Xianvision has performed well in the research and development, promotion and service of high-brightness screens, leading the new trend of the market.


High light screen products outstanding performance and reliable quality

Xianshi high light screen products have excellent performance and reliable quality. As the window of brand promotion, the brightness performance of the high highlight screen is crucial. With high contrast, high brightness and other features, it can maintain a clear picture even in a strong light environment without glare interference. At the same time, relying on its own deep accumulation in the field of image display, processing technology and digital information, Xianvision will integrate self-developed technology into products to achieve more vivid colors and more prominent visual effects.

With the help of fairy screen, businesses can not only display creative display content, but also significantly improve the drainage effect, adding new vitality and possibilities for commercial operations.


A well-known chain tea drink brand has won unanimous praise from consumers after adopting a high-light screen. Its high brightness and full color display effect has attracted the attention of many consumers. In particular, the double-sided display of Xiansee has a significant effect in improving customer reach and store rate.


In addition, the durability and stability of the Xianxu high highlight screen are also praised. The product adopts all-metal rust-proof structure to support stable operation in harsh environment. Long service life and picture stability ensure the lasting life of brand publicity.


Full cycle service one-stop solution to customer pain points

In addition to excellent product performance, Xianshi also focuses on providing one-stop service for the whole cycle to solve customer pain points. Its high light screen installation is flexible, adapt to a variety of space design needs. The service team supports remote online upgrade to ensure the stable operation of the system. At the same time, Xianshi has service outlets all over the country, and builds an integrated online and offline service system to provide customers with timely and professional services.

As a software and hard content solution provider, Xianshi can provide customers with fully functional solutions that adapt to various application scenarios. From design, operation and release to management, installation and feedback mechanism, we always treat every customer with professionalism, integrity and humane service.

Looking forward to the future, Xianvision will continue to lead the development trend of high-gloss screens in the commercial display market, unlocking new possibilities for more businesses and creating greater value.

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