Goodview | Xianshi Electronics appeared at Beijing IFC2024 Exhibition

As the top professional audiovisual festival in the Asia-Pacific region, the China (Beijing) International Audiovisual Integrated Equipment and Technology Exhibition (InfoComm China 2024, Beijing IFC2024) came to a successful end. Goodview took advantage of MAXHUB and Qingpine Optoelectronics, two brands of the Group (4.16-4.19), and shared a series of leading commercial display applications such as new retail scenes, high-light screens, desktop screens and cloud digital signage with many industry leaders and visitors, presenting a number of new products. To provide one-stop solutions for new retail, large supermarkets, new concept scene art and other cutting-edge industries.

The new retail scenario is one of the hot spots in the current commercial display industry. 


Goodview shows how to use digital technology and cloud data to achieve efficient, multi-scene superior performance and versatility under the new retail model. Show the wide application prospects of digital signage in retail, catering and other industries. Xianshi Electronics further focuses on market demand, fully integrates the characteristics of demand driven by digitalization, and promotes the further extension of retail digital operations in stores. As an advocate of integrated solutions for hardware and software integration, the exhibition site will present a series of integrated commercial display solutions for digital intelligent retail stores and scenario-oriented applications of products to help users improve the digital experience and marketing effect of stores.

Electronic menu series exquisite technology, seamless connection, tile store products, support horizontal and vertical installation scenes, screen menu visual stunning, the first step to enhance customers' liking for products and improve the order time. Highlight display, without fear of strong light, background cloud service system fine operation, improve the efficiency of store operation, so that the heart between products and customers further. Display the latest information of the store throughout the day, silky jump, fully give customers the choice of products, to achieve efficient ordering and information transmission.

Desktop screen is simple and compact, simple aesthetics, a screen display store products, better assist customers to order, assist customers to make ordering choices, shorten the distance between stores and customers, simplify the ordering process; Special highlight screen, without fear of strong light influence, keep bright color at any time without fear of strong light, so that ordering becomes faster, so that customers can easily reach the most popular product information in the store, easily create word-of-mouth products, make marketing simpler, improve customer experience.

Abandon many of the pain points of traditional paper meal plates, and walk on the catering field of the brand in an intelligent form. 


The use of dynamic display will "activate" the information of the store, magnify the main elements, so that customers can be attracted at a glance, and greatly improve the conversion rate. It is the best marketing tool to assist merchants to make ordinary products into explosive models.

Cloud digital signage GUQ series, to respond to multi-scenario application needs, to provide industry customers with more choices. High configuration, high performance, stable output, highlight differentiation in goods and store display, in the face of consumers, create an immersive consumer experience intelligent scene, multi-dimensional display of smart retail digital solutions, shape a new consumer store model in line with the characteristics of The Times, so that consumers gradually feel the great charm of the brand in a variety of beautiful experiences.

Exhibitors can flexibly switch, display and manipulate various signals by watching the scene use of products to achieve double improvement of data security and work efficiency.


In the future, store signage cloud will be the core of supporting offline stores to build digital retail and build diversified new retail scenarios, helping offline stores to increase sales scale and bring innovative driving force for marketing upgrades.

As one of the exhibitors of this exhibition, Goodview brought its innovative products and solutions in the field of audiovisual appearance, and is full of expectations for the technical development of commercial display application products and solutions in this exhibition. At the same time, we also look forward to in-depth discussions and exchanges on the company's products, and create digital beauty together!

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