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Current status of the medical service industryMedical resources are in short supply

The traditional medical industry has many shortcomings, such as the fragmentation of the medical system and the shortage of medical resources. With the widespread use of modern technologies such as AI, big data, cloud computing, and smart display devices, smart healthcare has been born.


Goodview's smart medical solution integrates the medical system, fully mobilizes medical resources, and greatly improves the hospital's diagnosis and treatment efficiency. Its core value is to realize information visualization, platform openness, intelligent management, and ultimately achieve a tripartite win-win situation for hospitals, medical care, and patients.


Traditional hospital

Traditional hospitals emphasize the use of basic functions and cannot meet the needs of a comfortable and harmonious medical environment. All kinds of complaints about the hospital are incurred, and patient satisfaction is low.


Poor environment

Only simple signs and seats are set up in the outpatient hall of the hospital, and the route guidance is complicated; the color of the hospital is single and lacks the sense of modern medical technology.


Queue for medical treatment

In the lobby of traditional hospitals, there are often many people waiting in line, causing patients to waste treatment time, affecting their emotions, and even triggering doctor-patient conflicts.


Expert profile

At present, most hospitals still use traditional bulletin boards to introduce hospital expert information. Due to the limited space of the bulletin board, the detailed information of the expert doctor cannot be conveyed to the patient directly.


Medical conference

In an era when modern medical resources are in short supply, medical conferences and medical discussions require a lot of time;

The projector is affected by factors such as viewing angle, display brightness, contrast ratio, viewing distance, environment, light, etc., and the display effect is not ideal;

Expert consultation requires going to a remote hospital for communication, which not only wastes time, but may also miss the best treatment opportunity;

For remote consultation and communication, you need to purchase third-party remote conference equipment, which is expensive and complicated to operate.


Modern Department Application

Telemedicine conference

The built-in video conference platform of Goodview interactive flat panel compatibles with a variety of mainstream video conferencing software and hardware, support conference data transmitting in real time, stable, and of high quality, realize remote communication and collaboration, and save the travel cost of remote meetings.


Digital nurse station

Real-time bed information notification, display of correct shift information, prompts for patient examination and surgery, timely notification of nurse bells, and display of dynamic information of each bed.


Information display

Relevant information is displayed through the Goodview interactive whiteboard, in addition to graphic introduction, it can also be shared through audio and video. Health information and expert information are clear, and you can click on individual experts to learn more about specific information, which can be displayed more interactively and expand the limitations of the information platform.


Hospital announcement

Goodview implements announcements through a centralized control system. You only need to enter the relevant information in the background system to display the information on the selected device. No need to print or post paper, efficient sharing, energy saving and environmental protection.


Hospital Meeting Room Application

Install the Goodview interactive whiteboaed in the hospital conference room, and the computer content can be wirelessly projected to the whiteborad, regardless of the viewing angle, display brightness, contrast ratio, viewing distance, ambient light and other factors, and the display effect is clear.

Through remote conferencing software, medical experts can discuss medical plans remotely and share patient information and pictures.

Whether it is a local meeting or a remote meeting, you can arbitrarily annotate and write the content, and your ideas can be displayed at the first time.

The meeting records can be saved locally or sent to participants via E-mail, it also has the function of code scan sharing that enable you to acquire conference records through scanning code, meanwhile, the encrypted transmission is supported to facilitate the storage and sharing of meeting records, ensure the accuracy and collaboration of the meeting.




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