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Excellent both inside and outside | Goodview after-sales service "Three Musketeers"


Excellent both inside and outside | Goodview after-sales service "Three Musketeers"


1. Enjoy the digital experience without leaving home

Goodview 24H online customer service, digital service transformation, can provide customers with faster services, shorten the distance between customers and manufacturers, and escort the products you buy.


2. Every second counts, focusing on service effectiveness

For customers, all "convenience" must be returned to the "just need" of basic services. The pursuit of Goodview after-sales service is to create value for customers. As more and more users choose Goodview, we stand in the perspective of customers, pay attention to the improvement of service efficiency and quality, and keep close to customers with efficient service that combines quality and efficiency.


Weimar Motors

Installation plan customization service

16 units 55-inch video walls spliced into a circle

Construction height 8 meters


Volvo Cars

Complete the transformation of 100+ digital stores nationwide within one month

3*3 or 4*4 video walls in each store


Smart medical

The customer requested simple and generous design elements. The company immediately set up a special project team to provide services. Product manager Mr. Xu and delivery manager Mr. Yin visited many times to measure and design. The customized product was originally planned for 30 days and passed through the delivery center’s small partners. Work hard to achieve normal delivery within 22 days.


3. Fully upgraded, with outlets covering all cities across the country

3000+ service outlets cover all prefecture-level cities across the country, with a 24-hour service commitment. In the past, it was necessary to achieve a balance between continuous improvement of the number of customers and customer satisfaction for the integration of online and offline platforms.


In the future, Goodview service team will create one-stop after-sales maintenance solutions for customers. Consultation, installation, training, maintenance and other links to ensure that each step is traceable. Put the service promises into practice, truly walk with customers, and elevate after-sales service to a new level.


If you have after-sales problems

1. You can call the national after-sales service hotline: 400-705-2668

2. Follow Goodview official account and experience online services

Goodview online customer service is online

7*24 hours technical staff online

Provide you with multiple types of services

·Use consultation


·Installation application

·Product purchase

·business inquiries


Professional team, peace of mind service

Welcome users to experience! 

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