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Backgroud of Party Building

“Partying building+Position Building”is an important foundation for building a service-oriented Party organization. As an important position for inheriting the revolutionary spirit and advancing Party Building work, the Smart Party Building Pavilion not only provides a comprehensive and in-depth display of the glorious history and development achievements of the Communist Party of China, but also allows history to be imprinted through a variety of interactive methods and display methods. However, at present, a single platform such as Party building websites and Party member learning established by party organizations can no longer meet the needs of Party Building work.


Current Situation of Party Building

1. Difficult to track

Three sessions and one lesson are frequently carried out, and the specific situation is difficult to track; it is difficult for Party members to travel on business or work problems in different places to give feedback and manage them in time


2. Difficult to update

The Party Building information propaganda relies on the party building cultural wall, and it is difficult to update the information in a timely manner due to the space factor.


3. Difficult to count

The Party Building data is too much and cumbersome, and it is impossible for timely statistical analysis


Wisdom Party Member Activity Room

The Goodview Smart Party Member Activity Room information platform takes you into the era of Party Building 3.0. The platform is designed and developed by Goodview on the basis of collecting the actual needs of Party organizations from all over the country. It perfectly integrates Party Building work supervision, Party member learning, Party member work, Party Building propaganda, Party affairs management and other content, realizing the show of entire process of Party members and Party organizations.


Introduction -- Three terminals

1. Smart Party Lesson Learning Platform

The Wisdom Party Lessons platform builds a learning bridge for party members. It is a comprehensive learning platform that integrates special learning activities, online video Party school, audio library and Party member study notes. This module can be implemented on Goodview's smart big screen. The establishment of a learning platform for Party members helps to improve the overall quality of Party members, thereby enhancing their ideological awareness, continuously stimulating the learning potential of Party members, making Party organization building more institutionalized, standardized, and scientific, and promoting the scientific development of Party building work.

2. Party Building Big Data Platform

The platform displays Party members and Party organization-related work or activity information in the form of charts, mainly for data integration analysis and display of Party member-related information, and quickly pushes the information through the Goodview smart screen, allowing users to see clearly which is beneficial to Party members to keep working progress, to facilitate the leadership to supervise the work, to timely understand the current situation of specific Party members and Party organizations, and to help the effective development of Party Building work.


3. Interactive Platform for Party Building Activities

Through Goodview front-end display system and back-end management system, platform content and pages can be personalized. Support uploading, website linking, touch interaction and other forms to establish Party Building public learning resources, latest information, Party member style, Party meeting minutes, and display platform requirements. It helps to stimulate the interest of Party members in learning, thereby promoting the improvement of the overall quality of Party members, making Party organization construction more diversified, informatized and transparent, and promoting the scientific development of Party Building work.



1. Welcome Screen

Built-in welcome page style template for Party Building work exchanges and inspection scenes. You can insert and enter custom welcome words, backgrounds, and modify them. During the display process, you can sign on the page, and save and share the signature content through the QR code. There is no need to print banners and signature walls, which is conducive to energy saving and environmental protection, and improves overall work efficiency.


2. Wireless pass, code scan saving

The GOODVIEW interactive flat panel adopts a brand new connection and display solution. The computer, mobile phone, and tablet can, with one click, transmit the content to the conference panel wirelessly, realizing the real-time and convenient demonstration and communication sharing.


3. Activity check-in, voting

At present, most of them are using the traditional methods such as show of hands voting and paper voting, and it is necessary to manually count the voting results after each vote. By using Goodview conference tablet's efficient voting tool, it can help you make quick and efficient decisions. All participants can participate in the vote with a scan of their mobile phone, the voting results are immediately displayed on the party building screen, and anonymous voting is supported.


4. Historical information screen

It is convenient to carry out ideological propaganda work under the new situation, spread propaganda content and cultural knowledge quickly, enhance the interaction and learning of Party members and the masses, show the spirit of propaganda, and let Party Building content be transmitted to the masses of Party members as soon as possible.

5. Party Building Information Retrieval Touch Screen

Display the blockbuster with the theme of Party Building, create a solemn atmosphere of the exhibition hall, and highlight the theme. Provide effective and reasonable guidance for visitors to the exhibition hall. Abandoning the restriction of one-way information transmission, integrating the interactive system of contemporary intelligent technology, you can inquire about Party Building knowledge and related information at any time.


6. Party history and party building process display video wall

Make full use of the advanced video wall system and take the development history of the Communist Party of China as the main line to show Party Building history. The video wall uses the multimedia information publishing system to remotely operate and realize automatic and continuous playback of the content. The dynamic video wall breaks the shackles of traditional electronic exhibition boards. There is no need for special personnel to control the screen and the network. One computer can manage all screens.

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